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for Business Owners and Professionals

We work with you to determine financially advantageous strategies and effective coverages tailored to your specific goals.

Corporate Planning

Planning for your business or Professional Corporation

Financial Planning

Analysis of your goals and building a plan to achieve them.

Personalized approach

Work with you, one-on-one, ensuring your questions are answered and the best plan for you is put in place.


Review the coverage that you need and provide a cost effective solution.

Agile Wealth Management

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Frequently asked questions

This had to be first on the list because without a doubt this is the main question people ask.  We’ll work through your situation comprehensively to determine this, make sure that you have strategies and plans to avoid this scenario and monitor this going forward. These plans must be kept up to date as things change.

We work with our clients to build their net worth and to help them chart a path to their goals. As both a Certified Financial Planner and Chartered Financial Analyst this provides a unique perspective in the industry.  While we offer discretionary portfolio management, we also offer comprehensive financial planning with no hidden fees or costs of proprietary products.

To be fair, this is like asking a barber if you need a haircut and I have to say yes. But studies have shown that people have better retirement outcomes and are more prepared for retirement when they work with an advisor. Some have attempted to put a value on this and arrived at as much as 3% per year as the gain that people receive from receiving professional advice.

We charge a flat account fee based on the amount of assets that we manage for you. As these increases, that percentage decreases. We completely disclose these and make sure that this is entirely transparent.  There are no hidden fees or charges, and no “back-end” or deferred charges. Everything is upfront, and transparent. Our fees for non-registered or cash accounts are also tax-deductible.

Our typical clients are advice-seeking people who are looking to plan for their financial future. Quite often they’re small business owners or have a professional corporation and are looking to take control of their future with the assistance of a trusted advisor. It’s also regular that they’re progressing toward retirement and want to ensure that they are able to go from accumulating to generating a stable income.  They’re also regularly looking for risk management assistance and making sure that they don’t jeopardise their retirement with rash decisions or chasing investment returns.

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